Making Green Happen

Business activities clause:

Greenstat AS is to develop and operate projects related to sustainable energy and technology, hereunder projects supporting the transition from fossil to renewable energy production and consumption, in addition to participating and investing in companies contributing fully or partly to this end.


  • Green Mindset
  • Responsive (to change)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Expertise
  • New thinking


  • will contribute to the zero emission society.
  • will, without compromise, elect green projects.
  • will have a long term perspective.
  • will be technology neutral and politically independent.
  • will support and train own talented individuals.
  • will set a good example, both as a sustainable company and with employees holding Greenstat’s values to heart.
  • will earn money.

Greenstat will contribute to fill the green shift with concrete content and will be an advocate for Norway becoming the world’s first fossil free nation!

A green world does not need to be boring. Greenstat’s opinion is that we can maintain most of our level of welfare also after the transition from fossil to renewable energy. When we have managed this, Norway can utilize its competence to export Norway as a product and in this way ensure national income and globally reduced emissions in the foreseeable future.



A zero emission Norway will both be an attractive place to live and visit. We will develop new technology and establish new business models which will create vast values for Norway, also in the future when incomes from the oil and gas industry dwindles.



Green hydrogen production from renewable energy opens up to utilizing the energy where it is harvested. This also opens up for usage of local energy production sites without connection to the power grid, as well as reducing the need for expansion of the power grid.



Hydrogen powered ships will become part of the solution related to a zero emission maritime sector. All kinds of boats, ferries, cruise ships, speedboats, fishing boats and yachts will run on hydrogen.



Cruise ships will, in the future, be able to utilize hydrogen as a fuel. The buses transporting passengers to and from the vessels will also run on hydrogen, fueled from the same stations in the harbor site.



In the transport sector, both batteries and hydrogen solutions will be utilized. The distribution of these solutions is difficult to predict. However, both technologies are needed to reach the zero emission society. Biofuels will be a temporary solution used by standard diesel vehicles until these have been phased out. Thereafter, the main usage of biofuels is in the aviation industry.


Vegard Frihammer

GEO Green Executive Officer / Founder
+47 928 26 952

Bernt Skeie

+47 950 46 031