Local Energy

Greenstat Energy AS is working on various solutions to utilize renewable energy resources for local energy production, close to the consumer and with low environmental conflict.

The framework for Greenstat Energy’s commitment is the need for renewable energy in Norway. More and more of Norway’s fossil energy use must be replaced if we are to reduce our emissions and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. In March, Statnett presented its report “An electric Norway – from fossil to electricity” showing how we can conduct a continuous electrification of society. Statnett estimates that this will require 30-50 TWh of new, clean energy production in Norway to replace all fossil energy use.

Greenstat Energy AS will contribute to ensuring that a good proportion of this new necessary energy production takes place locally, close to consumers with minimal nature intervention. The goal is for new production to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing natural diversity. Initially, the focus will be on smaller wind power projects located in areas that are already clearly characterized by human activity and larger industrial solar plants (typically on the roof of large commercial buildings).

Through its vision “Making Green Happen”, Greenstat is a driving force in the green shift by developing projects throughout the value chain from production to consumption. As a subsidiary of Greenstat, Greenstat Energy AS will be able to link local energy production to local energy users, and energy storage in the form of hydrogen and battery, which in turn can be used to electrify the transport sector and industry. In the long term, green value chains will be able to completely replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Greenstat Energy AS

Fra venstre: Charley Berthod, Torstein Thorsen Ekern, Vegard Frihammer og Gudmund Synnevåg Sydness

Are you interested in working on a specific energy project? Does your company have a desire to produce its own local power from local energy sources? Please contact us, we have extensive experience in developing and realizing renewable energy projects and working with green solutions.

Torstein Thorsen Ekern

Manager of Greenstat Energy
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Gudmund Synnevåg Sydness

Project Manager Local Energy - Wind
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Charly Berthod

Project Manager Local Energy - Solar
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