Green Hydrogen

Greenstat develops projects related to hydrogen production across all of Norway, of all scales.


We actively work with various regions, consulting them in their development of hydrogen in relevant markets.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Onshore transportation (passenger vehicles, public transport, waste trucks, tractor units and heavy duty trucks)
  • Maritime transportation (recreational boats, ferries, speedboats, fishing boats, offshore vessels)
  • Industrial purposes (iron/titan production)
  • Export (Japan, EU, US)

Prices will vary from project to project. However, our studies show hydrogen prices down towards 20 NOK/kg. Factors influencing final price: Volume of deliverance, access to renewable energy, transportation and logistics, demands for storage/buffer etc.

Greenstat hydrogen factory

Would you like an offer on deliverance of green hydrogen, or have thoughts on production of hydrogen by use of renewable energy?

If you want more information about hydrogen or wish to learn more about hydrogen in Norway, please take contact with us for a friendly conversation.

Tomas Fiksdal

Chief Projects Officer Hydrogen
+47 932 57 114

Vegard Frihammer

GEO Green Executive Officer / Founder
+47 928 26 952