Theme day – A common hydrogen strategy for Western Norway

How can we make Western Norway the leading hydrogen region in the world?

How can we utilize the synergy of our purchase power to develop a market?

How can we use our climate and challenging topography as a large scale test center for hydrogen technology?


General status on hydrogen (talks will be available online)

v/  Tjalve Svendsen, Vice-President of the board, Norwegian Hydrogen forum

Price projections related to various markets in the hydrogen value chain

v/Martin Hirth, Energy analyst, Greensight

How and why establish a common hydrogen strategy for Western Norway?

v/Vegard Frihammer, Green Executive Officer,  Greenstat

Suppliers presenting the latest status on technology and services

  • Vehicle suppliers / Hyundai
  • Electrolysis / Bjørn Simonsen, NEL Hydrogen
  • Storage / Powercell
  • Production and distribution / Tomas Fiksdal, Greenstat
  • Safety / Geirmund Vislie, Gexcon
  • Fuel cells / CMR Prototech

The county councils present their strategies and thoughts

  • Hordaland
  • Sogn og Fjordane
  • Rogaland
  • Møre og Romsdal

Industry and public actors as procurers of hydrogen solutions

  • Actors in Klimapartnere Hordaland present their needs

Group dicussions



Moderator: Martin Hirth


Temadag hydrogen

Temadag hydrogen

Påmelding innen 31.mai 2017


Vegard Frihammer

GEO Green Executive Officer / Founder
+47 928 26 952

Martin Larsen Hirth

Green Energy Analyst
+47 908 78 241