Hydrogen is finally getting attention from Norwegian politicians

Green hydrogen is an important piece of the zero-emission puzzle, both in Norway and the rest of the world

Hydrogen has some fantastic characteristics as a zero-emission energy carrier. It has the quality of a very high energy to weight density and only emits water. It can be produced anywhere from renewable energy and will work well as a range extender in existing electrical drive lines. Hydrogen will, in combination with batteries and a share of sustainable biofuel, play an important role in the transition to 100 % zero emission transport.

The ever-present “battery versus hydrogen discussion” finally seems to be losing momentum, as politicians and others prefer to focus on the “fossil versus zero emission discussion”, which is far more important and productive. In Norway, there are 2.5 million cars and even with a record-breaking high penetration of BEV (battery electric vehicles), counting for 22,3 % of new cars sold, there are almost 2.4 million fossil cars that need to be replaced. The need for hydrogen solutions for cars, buses and heavy-duty vehicles is both necessary and beneficial.

Hydrogen is finally getting attention from Norwegian politicians

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