Greenstat with Western Norway’s first hydrogen car

As an advocate for the establishment of a hydrogen station in Bergen, Greenstat has ordered one of in total 23 Hyundai iX35 Fuel Cell cars for this project. To prove our seriousness, Greenstat registered the vehicle for permanent usage before Fornybarkonferansen (The renewable energy conference), which was held in Bergen March 15. The first hydrogen fueling station is still some time off, but this is nonetheless a great milestone for Greenstat and the hydrogen community of Western Norway.

UNO-X are responsible for the establishment of two hydrogen fueling stations in Bergen. Recently, they have opened a station in Oslo and have received a grant from ENOVA on stations in Bergen.

Key parameters of the car:

  • Brand/Model – Hyundai iX35 Fuel Cell
  • Range – 594 km
  • Fueling time – approximately 3 minutes
  • Power – 136 hp
  • Hydrogen tank – 700 bar, located in the trunk, carrying approximately 5 kg of hydrogen
  • Consumption – About 1 kg of hydrogen per 100 km
  • Price per kg of hydrogen – 90 NOK (Price in Oslo)
  • Weight – About 1 800 kg
  • Seats – 5
  • Two wheel drive (four wheel drive to come)
  • Registration number – HY10233
  • Hydrogen vehicles have the same advantages as electric vehicles, and this will continue until 50 000 hydrogen cars are on the roads.