More hydrogen fueling stations

ENOVA launches a new support scheme for hydrogen infrastructure for passenger vehicles.

Greenstat and a collected hydrogen community in Norway have actively worked for this.

In Norway there are about 2,5 million vehicles. Almost 2,4 million of these are fossil which must be phased out. Even with improved battery and charging technology for EVs, there will be a need for hydrogen as fuel for cars, buses and heavy duty transport to achieve the target of a zero emission transport sector.

Greenstat has been a great promoter of the establishment of a fleet hydrogen cars and fueling stations in Bergen. 23 hydrogen cars are ready to be shipped to Western Norway, and grants have been given for two hydrogen fueling stations in and around Bergen. We view this as a step in the right direction and are delighted that ENOVA now focus even more on hydrogen infrastructure.
Additionally, we wish to act as an advocate for hydrogen stations in other locations of Norway. If you are working on a specific project, don’t hesitate to contact our project manager on hydrogen, Tomas Fiksdal.

Read more on the support scheme here (Norwegian only):

Støtte til hydrogeninfrastruktur
ENOVA utvider hydrogensatsingen

Tomas Fiksdal

Chief Projects Officer Hydrogen
+47 932 57 114