Insight provides better green choices

Our subsidiary Greensight, work towards a quickened green transition of our society through knowledge and competence.



Greensight collects the most recent and reliable information regarding energy and climate technology, presenting this information in an easily understandable manner. Greensight’s experts aid customers in identifying and visualizing the potentials in green industries and areas of focus with basis in present and future energy demand, access and capacity based on analyses of the energy system as a whole.

Greenstat and Greensight employees are committed people with a strong belief in Norway as a leader on renewable solutions.


Together with CMR, Greenstat has developed a fact based decision support tool by the name of zeVision (Zero Emission Vision). This model enables a simple and intuitive approach to a complex energy sector. Do you or your company require consultancy in regard to choices for the future? Contact us for more information on how we can aid you. Our consultants particularly excel at:

  • Studies related to energy
  • Scenario building
  • Workshops
  • Lectures/debates

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Hilde Holdhus

Manager of Greensight
+47 402 03 905