New board member with competence on sustainable investments and circular economy.

Christine Tørklep has been elected as a new board member for Greenstat. Today, she is an employee at Norsk Gjenvinning and was previously the leader of Storebrand’s sustainable investments department.

Christine is localized in Oslo and thus will empower Greenstat’s profile as a national energy business. Her contribution also includes a vast network and significant competence on investments.

After formally being elected as a board member during Greenstat’s general assembly May tenth, Christine commented on why she wishes to be a part of the Greenstat board:

“Ever since I began studying environmental engineering, I have been fascinated by the potential of utilizing hydrogen in energy systems and transport. If we succeed in commercializing these solutions, it will be a giant leap in the direction of a more sustainable development. Therefore, this is very exciting to be a part of!”

We are delighted to have such a resource on our board and look forward to working together on developing Greenstat towards being a sustainable and profitable energy business!

Linkedin profile – Christine Tørklep