Contact us

Vegard Frihammer

GEO Green Executive Officer / Founder
+47 928 26 952

Torstein Thorsen Ekern

Manager of Greenstat Energy
+47 909 82 959

Tomas Fiksdal

Chief Projects Officer Hydrogen
+47 932 57 114

Silje-Cathrin Strømmen

Profil/ Markedskonsulent
+47 952 58 564

Hilde Holdhus

Manager of Greensight
+47 402 03 905

Gudmund Synnevåg Sydness

Project Manager Local Energy - Wind
+47 922 02 142

Daniel Janzen

Green Energy Economist
+47 920 71 091

Charly Berthod

Project Manager Local Energy - Solar
+47 908 99 243

Bernt Skeie

+47 950 46 031


Visit us at Vestre Skostredet 2, 5017 Bergen
Letter Vestre Skostredet 2, 5017 Bergen

Organization number 914 875 455



Legg inn navn og epost for å motta nyhetsbrev fra Greenstat.


Green transportation to Greenstat:

  • City light rail (20 min). Take the city light rail to Fantoft. Walk for about five minutes to the top of Fantoftveien.
  • Bike (25 min). Your bike can be parked under roof in our parking house. If you desire an easier ride up the last hill, we recommend using an electric bike. Your bike can also be brought to the city light rail (remember to buy an extra ticket for this).
  • Carpooling (variable). There are several apps for carpooling which can be used in Bergen.
  • Electrical vehicle (10-25 min depending on rush traffic). Charging for EVs is found in the parking house.
  • Hydrogen vehicle (10-25 min). The closest fueling station today is located in Oslo. Bergen’s first hydrogen fueling station will be established within a few months.
  • By foot (80 min). We recommend visiting the stave church while in the vicinity.
  • Talk to the receptionists in the first floor for registration.

(approximate time spent from the centre of Bergen)

Thank you for travelling environmentally friendly!

Daniel Janzen

Green Energy Economist
+47 920 71 091